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 Consulting Experts (Mint, Tian, Kiyam, Chance)

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PostSubject: Consulting Experts (Mint, Tian, Kiyam, Chance)   Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:31 pm

Peppermint Cordial: Shaial's Cute-is-a-Weapon Minion
Tian: Moody shapeshifter whose boyfriend is in another state
Kiyam: Bloodthirsty demon with a weapons fetish
Chance: Friend of Tian, Interspacial Bounty Hunter

Mint: This is weird. Where did he go?

Mint: Tian? Have you seen my Master?

Tian: No.

Mint: Hm.

Mint: Okay, I've checked the kitchen, the laundry room, the garden, the bathroom... where else could he be?

Mint: Maybe he's in a closet...

Tian: Wait, what?

Mint: ... Kiyam? You haven't seen my Master around, by any chance, have you?

Kiyam: Not recently.

Mint: Arrgh.

Kiyam: Is he missing?

Mint: Yes, and there's some weird look-a-like wandering around which Soren said wasn't good but he didn't say why and now I'm really confused.

Kiyam: .........

Mint: You know something, don't you?

Kiyam: Perhaps.

Mint: And you're not going to tell me.

Mint: Of course.

Kiyam: ..... Yetual....

Mint: Hey, freeloader, have you seen my Master?

Chance: Quit calling me freeloader, KFC.

Mint: Veracity over civility. Have you?

Chance: Just give me a flamethrower and some barbeque sauce... No, half-pint, I have not.

Mint: Yeah, I didn't think so, but I'm out of options.

Mint: Thanks anyway, freeloader.

Chance: I'm not a freeloader.

Mint: Now what?

Mint: I've looked everywhere, asked everyone, and there's just no sign of him. I don't know what to d-


Mint: What was that??

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Consulting Experts (Mint, Tian, Kiyam, Chance)
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