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 Happy single awareness day! (CP Chiwoo & Soom Gena)

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PostSubject: Happy single awareness day! (CP Chiwoo & Soom Gena)    Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:39 pm

First things first. Why the hell do we have a Valentines day?Its a pointless day where the stores and candy companies make more money off of a sorry excuse for a holiday.

I hate it. Its a day where all you couples flaunt your relationship's.

It makes me sick. You and you public displays of affection.

It always ends in disaster anyway. I've seen it many times. She runs off with your heart, car keays, house, and half your income.

Wishing someone a happy Valentines day is like putting a curse on their relationship. Translation: Happy Valentines day equils your going to be miserable.

Sure I'll wish you a happy Valentines day, when hell freezes over...

Hey good lookin....

Wanna be my Valentine?

Happy Valentines day!
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Happy single awareness day! (CP Chiwoo & Soom Gena)
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