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This site is dedicated to photostories featuring Ball Jointed Dolls, Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, and other small figures and figurines.
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 Posting Guidelines: READ THIS!

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Posting Guidelines: READ THIS! Empty
PostSubject: Posting Guidelines: READ THIS!   Posting Guidelines: READ THIS! I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 1:08 am

All Members:

•Please use Title tags to indicate (Suggestive) (Doll Nudity) or (Strong Language) content in the title of topic on your threads.

•Please refrain from excessive foul language and use bleep out symbols for Hardcore Cuss words. We would prefer not to have to activate the word filters.

•While Stories involving relationships and intimacy are allowable, this is not a forum for "adult only stories" no XXX stories please. Please refrain from posting blatantly explicit photos and excessive doll nudity photos. Let's try to keep stories below the equivalent of "R" rating. Doll nudity is allowable for box openings and other informative posts. NO HUMAN NUDITY IS PERMITTED!

•Each member is allowed to have ONE Index thread to keep track of their stories. Link to each story and add links by editing you posts. After creating your index thread, PM a mod to be added to the Table on Contents. Please do not bump a story to keep it visable.


•Storytellers have a forum section of thier own to post thier stories, in this section they can start threads, make stickies and moderate threads.

•Storytellers should post and Sticky an Index thread with links to the stories in the order they are meant to be read.

•Members can reply to threads started by the storyteller in these sections. Feel free to post comments and questions. Discussion of the stories or characters can also be held in the Member discussion section.

Rules are subject to change and will be added to as the need arises. Thankyou
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Posting Guidelines: READ THIS!
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