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 Wrappin' Fairies

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PostSubject: Wrappin' Fairies   Wrappin' Fairies I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2011 10:32 am

Originally posted december 2010;

These are the gifts for the FFF christmas swap so I had to make sure noone could see what they were, cause it is a surprise! I had to bribe Razzy to help out! lol

Razzy: Hi ya, Itz Me Razzy! we're wrappin' Prezzies today!
Bleu: Hi
Wrappin' Fairies 5227562353_e4aef9d56b_b

Bleu: ok, gifts
Razzy: check, check, check
Bleu: paper
Razzy: check
Bleu: tape
Razzy: check
Bleu: scissors
Razzy: we dont need scissors...
Wrappin' Fairies 5228157690_ea1e8362f4_b

Razzy: I got dis!
Bleu: where did you get a KNIFE!
Razzy: I borrowed it from Rupert
Wrappin' Fairies 5227562421_33d93b0aa4_b

Razzy: dumm de dummm
Bleu: hurry, this is heavy
Wrappin' Fairies 5227562465_803ff1253b_b

Razzy: you hold that down, I git dis side
Wrappin' Fairies 5227562505_859f034277_b

Razzy: Almost done!
Bleu: we still have two more to wrap
Wrappin' Fairies 5227562525_d57e082a91_b

Razzy: whew! that was alot of work
Bleu: yeah, how did you get talked into this
Razzy: I wanted me new christmas stockings!
Bleu: Are you really supposed to WEAR those?
Razzy: Whats? there are two of them....
Wrappin' Fairies 5227562557_261831210f_b

Hope you enjoyed my story!

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Wrappin' Fairies
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