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 A bigMost Box

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PostSubject: A bigMost Box   A bigMost Box I_icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 9:01 pm

Rupert; fairyland puki pongpong, belongs to Blizz
Razzy; CCC FFFuuga, mine!
Akasha; Fairyland puki pipi, visiting, belongs to Momo
Bleu; DHS mimi, mine
Dottie; Felix brownie momo, belongs to Blizz

Rupert; hey, whats this?
Razzy; its a bigmost box!
A bigMost Box 5720508151_7dc809bee2_o

Bleu; hi Akasha, are you here to help open the box
Akasha; I'm here to watch
A bigMost Box 5721066090_8a3404e743_o

Rupert; where is it from?
Razzy; the land of outzastate.
A bigMost Box 5720508221_03dce073f4_o

Rupert; I don't have the deboxing gun, so we will need a box knife.
A bigMost Box 5720508249_4158d527ce_o

Razzy; I gotz dis!
Rupert; cool!
A bigMost Box 5721066142_619c46e819_o

Razzy; ratz its stuckmost!
Rupert; uh oh!
A bigMost Box 5721066166_2887639c0e_o

Razzy; can you gets it?
A bigMost Box 5721066190_0ac2beafac_o

Roy; what are you up to now?
Kumi; shhhhhhh!
A bigMost Box 5720508443_4243562efb_o

Akasha; and then I told her I wanted 6 more all in different colors. you shoulda seen the look on her face...
Bleu; *giggle*
A bigMost Box 5721066230_cec302ca8c_o

Akasha; what the?!
Bleu; uh oh...
A bigMost Box 5721066254_42acdc22e8_o

A bigMost Box 5720508417_a72ee1761b_o

A bigMost Box 5721066348_8f8167d522_o

Dottie; !!!
A bigMost Box 5721066368_662e209e74_o

Razzy; oophf!
A bigMost Box 5720508515_23739c6c01_o

Rupert; wee!
A bigMost Box 5721066408_3ab814717d_o

Akasha; Anyone get the license of that truck?
A bigMost Box 5721066442_9b37742b08_o

Bleu; what is all this?
A bigMost Box 5721066464_5e3f57df4c_o

Akasha; bubbles?
A bigMost Box 5721066516_0267454f8c_o

Rupert; AWESOME!
A bigMost Box 5720508625_1c03acd0bc_o

Dottie; eeeep!
A bigMost Box 5721066576_3a444a1c51_o

Dottie; ummm...
A bigMost Box 5721066562_db0753ffc4_o

Razzy; they're not bubbles...
A bigMost Box 5721066604_f388824fbc_o

Razzy; they be MONKEY BALLS!
A bigMost Box 5721066634_9f7d4bf4f3_o

Dottie; *oh...
A bigMost Box 5720508743_e6d3a9d1b4_o

Akasha; well, at least its pink.
A bigMost Box 5721066696_c5a7410e2b_o

Razzy; its purplemost! Very Happy
A bigMost Box 5720508777_5581243263_o

Bleu; there seems to be many different colors
A bigMost Box 5720508791_7366cb0031_o

Rupert; this one is orange, Im gonna name him..... Orange!
A bigMost Box 5721066784_b881934ec3_o

Dottie; *hmm humm mmmm hhhmmm*
A bigMost Box 5721066802_46f23d2fcc_o

A bigMost Box 5720508869_1eb7108d25_o

"just call me Leo, its easier to type Very Happy"
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PostSubject: Re: A bigMost Box   A bigMost Box I_icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2011 12:59 pm

Lol!!! Too cute!!! ORAnge! XD
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PostSubject: Re: A bigMost Box   A bigMost Box I_icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2011 8:59 pm

YAY!!! MONKEY BALLZ!!! The gift that keeps on giving! So funny, Leo! Love how everyone's reaction is a little different (and REALLY love the colored ones!!!). Where were these when I was discovering them at my local grocery store and trying to look all casual as I fumbled with my quarters and snatched my monkey ball from the machine?!
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PostSubject: Re: A bigMost Box   A bigMost Box I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 26, 2011 6:18 pm

LOL This is great-monkeys as far as the eye can see!Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: A bigMost Box   A bigMost Box I_icon_minitime

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A bigMost Box
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