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 Obitsu 11cm review

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PostSubject: Obitsu 11cm review   Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:55 pm

Today I got a small package from Junkyspot that included one of the new 11cm tall Obitsus. Here's a little review for those interested...

Obligatory box shot... Junkyspot is always very fast on the shipping.

Along with the body I got a 21/23cm "Muffinhead", a set of the new Hujoo 10mm eyes, and a Nightfall shirt for Talen. I got a few more Jspot business cards (always useful), a new Dollzone bookmark (very cool), aaand, a box of DragonballZ Shenzu Beans... I'll let you know if they were any good.

Like many Obitsus, the new 11cm comes with option hands and optional neck plugs...

Both the arms and legs can come apart into several pieces for ease of dressing and such...

Poseability is pure Awesomesauce as the Obitsu tension-joints hold very well...

The one I got came with the optional magnets in the feet and steel standing plate... I HIGHLY recomend getting this option with all obitsus as it comes in VERY handy...

I'd gotten him and outfit from Tabloach a couple weeks ago knowing I'd soone have a new doll to clothe...

I REALLY love these new Hujoo eyes, they aren't expensive but are full-round with stems...

And here he is along side my Pukipuki and Brownie for size comparison... most of the height differance is the head size...

...and the Senzu beans? Not too bad!
Thanks for looking!
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Obitsu 11cm review
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