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 Birthdaymost Swappies!

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Birthdaymost Swappies! Empty
PostSubject: Birthdaymost Swappies!   Birthdaymost Swappies! I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2011 12:30 am

ummm.... its a box?
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904339082_f4ae943fd7_o
swappie101 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Rupert; wow! that is a huge box, I wonder who it came for?
Waylon; hmmmmm....
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904339054_603efd17c8_o
swappie102 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

well, we will just have to climb up and take a look!
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904339038_2d04ff53b9_o
swappie103 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Bleu; hi Rupert what are you doing here at the drop zone?
Rupert; we found a big box!
Waylon; drop zone????
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5903780369_ecfd8431bc_o
swappie104 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Razzy; This is where the Faerie Express be droppin off my Swappiemost packages!
Rupert; COOOLLLL! Do you need a box opener?
Waylon; Faerie Express? but it says USPS...
Bleu; oh, there you are. (to Waylon) yeah, they are subcontractors.
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904338990_056817e08c_o
swappie105 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Razzy; I gots dis!
Rupert; WOW wicked knife, where did you get that?
Razzy; oh, some joe let me borrow it.
Bleu; *facepalm*
Waylon; where was she hideing that!
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5903780323_6166c61402_o
swappie106 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

CABANA BOY! lol. inside joke Wink Thankyou Dollzwize and Tiggy! XD
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904338936_2b17029557_o
swappie107 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5903777541_588177ed1d_o
swappie108 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904336124_c675b1ea75_o
swappie109 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Birthdaymost prezzies!
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5903777485_71d97acb60_o
swappie110 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

wow! look at this haul!
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904336078_bc97425ba4_o
swappie111 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Razzy; This is how to look good on a Motorbike!
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904336050_b59887fbe5_o
swappie112 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

On TOP! Very Happy
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5903777409_0615ec1bcc_o
swappie113 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Game Time! (Razzy really loves the erasor toys, the unicorn and cow and monsterbaby are really awsome!)
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5903777385_2f63544721_o
swappie114 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Razzy; I builts dis!
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5903777361_4fe5d1913b_o
swappie115 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

TOYS!!!! (that is a huge windup monkeyball! Wink
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5904335958_f07c2d1c3a_o
swappie116 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Rupert; XD !!!
Birthdaymost Swappies! 5903777311_808703d864_o
swappie117 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

A bigmost thanks to Dollzwize for makeing Razzy's first birthday a very happymost one!

"just call me Leo, its easier to type Very Happy"
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Birthdaymost Swappies!
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