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 Ninja Attack!

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PostSubject: Ninja Attack!   Ninja Attack! I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2011 7:28 pm

Ok, not really, but....

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-001

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-002

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-003

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-004

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-006

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-007

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-008

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-009

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-010

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-011
Huckleberry got new pants (So Cordi can have her shorts back), and shoes...

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-012

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-013
And Cordi got the pink coat she's wanted for like a year...

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-014

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-015

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-016
Ariadne finally has some decent casual wear for going out on the town...

Ninja Attack! Dgo2-017
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Ninja Attack!
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