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 Lucy Takes Over (Chapter 1)

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PostSubject: Lucy Takes Over (Chapter 1)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:55 am

~Chapter One~
MY first real photostory, where I was still figuring everything out. Just silly and fun. Enjoy!


Lucy: Onwards! Go and onwards to victory!!


Jo Jo: Mistress! I have brought your royal mount.
Lucy: Ah! Thanks for you, Jo Jo!

Lucy: Hup!

Lucy: Jo Jo! Get to assembles the troops! I will be of flying down to meet yourself!
Jo Jo: Yes, Mistress!

Jo Jo: You heard m’lady! Hurry up and get to our rendezvous point!
Minions: Yes Sir! Hup hup hup!

Lucy: Are them troops, have they got assembled?
Jo Jo: Yes, mistress. They are ready and await your command. I have the rope you asked for.
Lucy: Excellents! I shall be to address thems at now.

Lucy: Alrighty, alrighty alrighty, troops! Be prepared,
for our time, it’s is at hand! We’ll be of finally claim our kingdom for
ourselveses! Hooraays!

Minions: Hooray! Hail Mistress Lucy! Hail Mistress Lucy!

Lucy: Nows! Get the trap arrange-ed! Operations
“Spook-Catcher" is in effects! I will fly up to haves a betterfull
vantage point!

Minions: Hail Mistress Lucy!

Jo Jo: Easy now! Keep moving, we must hurry!
Minion: Yes Sir!

Lucy: Jo Jo! Hurry ups a lot and get lots of ready! I can hear her coming!

Jo Jo: Everything is in order! Operation “Spook-Catcher� is in full effect! We are at the ready!
Lucy: Proceeds and silence, she is heeeeerrree!

SpookyJester: Hmm hum hmm. Better go in my room and see what Lucy and Jo Jo are up to.
Lucy: Prepare yourselves, and…PULL!

Spookyjester: WAAAAAAGGGHHH!
Minions: Success! Hail Mistress Lucy!

Spooky: WTF!?!
Jo Jo: Mistress Lucy has ordered us to subdue you so we can take over! Hail Mistress Lucy!
Minions: Hail Mistress Lucy!
Spooky: …Mistress? WTF?

Jo Jo: Mistress! Operation “Spook-Catcher� is a success!

Lucy: Hoorahs! Firstlys, Spooky’s domain and then the WORLDS!

Twenty Minutes Later…

Spooky: You’ll never get away with this, Lucy!
Lucy: Silence yerself, Slave! You will be of doing my bidding!
Spooky: Peh!

Lucy: Jo Jo! You’ve have done so muchly. Come and have sit by me.
Jo Jo: Oh! Y-yes, Mistress…

Lucy: Please, Jo Jo. Just be callings me by my name. We has been through so very much, with togethers…
Jo Jo: M-mistress Lucy!

Lucy: We should be gettins to know eachother a bit more…better.
Jo Jo: Oh goodness.
Lucy: Kisses me.

Lucy (for reals): SNNEEERRRRRKKKK…Snoree…zzzzzz…
Jo Jo: Hey Spooky, What do you think Lucy dreams about?
Spooky: Meh. Who knows. Maybe you.

Jo Jo: H-hey! T-that’s not funny! All Lucy thinks
about is sassing people. She doesn’t even like me I think. Like, as a
friend, I mean.

Spooky: Naw, she does. She just has a funny way of showing it, I think.
Jo Jo: Ehh. She’d be more likely to, I dunno, take over the world than spend time with me.
Spooky: Take over the world? Naww. She’s got spunk but not world domination.
Lucy: ZZzzzzz…

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Lucy Takes Over (Chapter 1)
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