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 Lucy's New Friend (Chapter 2)

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PostSubject: Lucy's New Friend (Chapter 2)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:57 am

~Chapter 2~
Mister Kite's arrival story and the start of all the drama in my house! Enjoy!

One day, Lucy and Jo Jo were having their friend Amalthea over for lunch...

So's as I was sayin', If you don't rememberses to turnoff the
micro-wave afters 30 secondses, you can accidentlys e-

*pitter patter of footsteps*

Jo Jo: No! Oh no! Oh, this is terrible!
Amalthea: Something the matter?
Jo Jo: Oh no oh no oh no!

Jo Jo: Lucy! We have to hide! A terrible catastrophe had occurred!

Lucy: Wells don't be gettin' yer painties inna bunchy! Who's over theeere?

Jo Jo: It's-
???: Helloooo, cousin!

Jo Jo: -my cousin...my cousin is in town.

Lucy: Wells what's so bad about that-sorta thing? Thought theres was gonna bes an earthy-quake!

Amalthea: Aren't you glad to see your cousin?

Jo Jo: No, this is bad. I remember the last time He was around. That last family reunion when-

???: Well, JJ, you don't seem too happy to see me!

Jo Jo: KITE! What are you doing here?
Can't I just drop by and check in on my little cousin Jo Jo? And you
haven't introduced me to your lovely friends? Where are your

Lucy: Hellos! Nice teeths ya got there! I'm Lucy and this is Malthie!

Jo Jo: Hey! Stop fraternizing! Kite, you-
Kite: Hey, hey now! Lovely to meet you both.

Kite: My name is SJ Kite, but you lovely ladies can call me Mr. K...

Jo: Alright, that's enough of that! Lucy, Malthie, can I have a moment
with my cousin, please?

Lucy: S'all yours, Jay-jay! *snicker*

Amalthea: Don't fight, you two.

Jo: Enough horsing around, K. What are you doing here, dropping in on
me like this? Don't tell me you came to find me without wanting
something, that isn't like you.

Kite: Alright, well, y'see, I need a place to stay for a while.
Jo Jo: How long is a while? A month?
Actually, Um, I need to move in with you. I need a place to live, so I
came to find you. It's a long story.

Jo Jo: Wait wait wait! I'm not letting you in unless I hear why you had to leave, and besides, why would-

Lucy: Of coooourses! Familys is familys, Jo Jo! Mi's cah-sah es soooo cah-sah!

Jo: Wait, Lucy, Can't we please talk about this? Where would he even
sleep, and besides, If you knew him like I know him, you would be so
ready to-

Kite: See, Lucy says I can stay, It's settled! Nice to be your housemate!

Lucy: Jo Jo, your cousin has a lot of funny!

Amalthea: That's amazing that you could snorkel with a bendy straw!

Kite: I could get used to hangin' out with this bunch! I'm awfully glad I moved in. Aren't you, Jo Jo?
Jo Jo: Yeah. This is going to be just great.

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Lucy's New Friend (Chapter 2)
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