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 Lucy Goes to Vegas (Chapter 3)

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PostSubject: Lucy Goes to Vegas (Chapter 3)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:00 am

`Chapter 3~
"Actual drama! Oh nyooo" was the tag that originally went with this one.
Retrospectively a bit wordy, but really important story-wise. Yes, we
actually were in Vegas! Enjoy!

Lucy: It sure gots lotsa Pretty in Vegas!
Kite: It sure does.
Lucy: Whats do peopleses do in laas veeegas?
Kite: Oh! I'll show ya how to have fun in Vegas.

Lucy: Wha's this stuffs?
Kite: It's good. Just try some.

Lucy: SSsssoooperprettyupheres.
Kite: Yep. And someday, this could all be yours.
Lucy: HmmmMMMmmm?

Kite: I used to do shows. Theater and Acrobatics. Travelling circus sort of thing.

Lucy: Mhhhmmmm?
Recently, well, we got into some trouble and that was the end of that.
Yeah, i'm a little bitter, but life goes on, ya know?

Kite: Y'allright, there?

Lucy: Juuuuuusst fiiiness. Ifeelsgreaaat.

Yeaah. Anyways, I was thinking of getting the show back together.
Startin' fresh. You ever thought of a career in show business,

Lucy: WeelllsnobutsIgueeeeessss...
Jo Jo: KITE!

Kite: Oh, hey there J. How ya doin, cuz?

Jo: Don't you "How ya dooooin' Cuzz" me! What happened to Lucy? What
did you do to her?

Kite: Nothin', J, I just-

Jo Jo: Lucy, I need to talk to my cousin for a minute.

Jo Jo: Alright, Kite. What did you give to Lucy?

Nothing. I mean it. I just opened the bottle and the smell was all it
took. The girl's got the constitution of a

Jo Jo: What on earth were you thinking? What are you up to!

Kite: You never let her have any fun! It's Las Vegas! We oughta be able to knock a few back and-

Jo Jo: No, a location doesn't justify idiotic behavior. What are you up to, Kite?

Look, J, I just wanted to get my show back up. I thought maybe Lucy and
you could help me get started.

Jo Jo: What?
The circus? No no no! You and that crew of ruffians you run with always
get into trouble! And the traveling show is no life for a

Kite: Do you really have it that bad for her? Gosh, my little cuz is all grown up.

Jo: W-what! No! You...You always have to turn things around on me! Try
to take everything away! And don't even try to get me involved in your
ridiculous show. You always cause trouble!

Lucy: Showwsarereeaaalllnice...bleeaargh

Kite: Look, it's not such a bad life! I'm beggin' ya, it'll be great! Just like old times!

Jo: I was never meant for that kind of life. You know that. I'm not
going to listen to any more nonsense. Come on, Lu.

Lucy: Issssitbedtimes? Alreaaaady?

Jo Jo: Look at her. How can you do stuff like this? She doesn't understand.

Lucy: AAyyyyee like veeeeeeyyygas.
Jo Jo! It's wonderful here. We don't ever have to leave!. We'll start
up the show and make lots of money and live the good life, on the

Lucy: Yoouuu...are waarmmms.

Jo Jo: Kite, if you ever do anything like this again i'll...I'll knock your lights out!

Kite: You wouldn't. You're a marshmallow. Always have been. Show business would be so good for you!

Jo Jo: This discussion is over, Kite.

Kite: You could've been something! You know what your problem is? You've got no vision! NO VISION.


Jo Jo: Aaaallrighty. There you go.
Lucy: Thannnnkiessyoujooooo...

Lucy: Jooo Jooooooo...I loooooves you.
Jo Jo:...W-what? What did you say?
Lucy: Liiiikeeee a broothersss...

Jo Jo: ...Ah. Yes. Goodnight, Lucy.
Lucy: Niightyy...nights.

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Lucy Goes to Vegas (Chapter 3)
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