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 Lucy Overheats (Chapter 4)

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PostSubject: Lucy Overheats (Chapter 4)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:02 am

~Chapter 4~
This photostory was written when we were having weather peaking over 100
degrees. It's also the first done in my dorm room. Enjoy!

Lucy:Hrmm..it's got so much warms todays... Dun feel so goods...

Lucy: Havin's troubles...havins...

Lucy? Lu? Lucy!

Jo Jo: Hey! Lucy! Are you okay? Lu!


Lucy: Bwuuuuuh?...Hiyas Jo Jo!
Jo Jo: Oh my god, I was so worried. Are you alright?
Lucy: I falleded.

Jo Jo: Lucy...you really scared me. I think you need some water. I'll go and get you some, alright?
Lucy: Mmmmkay. I've got not so sick though so i'm finelys...
Jo Jo: No, no I think you need water.

Mr. K: Heeyy, look who's enjoyin' the hot weather!
Lucy: Hallo, Mister Kite!
Jo Jo: Very funny! She passed out, I was trying to help.
Mr. K: Looks like you were helpin' yourself.
Jo Jo: KITE. Why don't you go elsewhere? She-

Mr. K: Hey there love, how ya feeling?

Lucy: I had some sicks! But I've gotsa okay now! Reallymost!
Mr K: Alrighty. C'mon, let's get you away from this lecherous old man.
Jo Jo: But you're olde...but I...I wasn't...

Lucy: Jo Jo was helpin's, Mister Kite! 'Sides, what's leche-russ anyways? Issat likes spanish for milk?

Mr. K: Hahaha, ah, my dear.
Jo Jo: Kite! Hey-...

Jo Jo: Not again...

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Lucy Overheats (Chapter 4)
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