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 Lucy Makes Paper Turkeys (Chapter 5)

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PostSubject: Lucy Makes Paper Turkeys (Chapter 5)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:05 am

~Chapter 5~
More Lucy hijinks!

Jo Jo: Should I even ask what you're doing?
Kite:If I don't keep in shape i'll lose my excellent balance! Then where would we be?
Jo Jo:The same place, since I'm not joining your circus shenanigans and all your old buddies are off-

Lucy: JO JO! MISTER K! Heysa hey guys! Let’s Makes hand turkeyses!
Kite: Hand turkeys? Like when you trace your hand?
Jo Jo: What...what’s a hand turkey?

Lucy: They’re REAAAAL Easyness to makes! C’mon guys! Issfun!

Jo Jo: Well, um, okay. I guess I will.

Kite: Naw, you kids have fun. I’ve got to keep practicing. I’ll catch you guys later.


Lucy: Kay. You gots all yer stuff? Mkay! Let’s get drawins!Smile
Jo Jo: Um, alright.

Lucy: SO! Now you gotsta traces yer hand. Putsit down’n trace overits.

Jo Jo: Mkay. Got it. What next?

Lucy: Next ya gotsta draw onnit tills it looks likea turkeys! Like this![/color]

Jo Jo: Is…is this alright?[/color]

Lucy: That’s really goods Jo Jo!
Jo Jo: Oh…uh, uh thanks!

Lucy: Awwwwws lookit they’re soo cutely!
Jo Jo: Ah…yeah.
Lucy: Wassenat fun?
Jo Jo: Y-yeah, actually. That was fun!

Lucy: Thanks you, Jo Jo…s’was really nice’a you.
Jo Jo: Bwuh?

Jo Jo: N…no problem.
Lucy: :3
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Lucy Makes Paper Turkeys (Chapter 5)
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