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 The New Girl (Chapter 6)

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PostSubject: The New Girl (Chapter 6)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:08 am

~Chapter 6~
A mysterious white haired girl arrives. What's her story? Enjoy!

Jo Jo: Kite. Hey, Kite.

Jo Jo: Who's that girl over there?
Kite: No idea. I just noticed her over there a bit ago.

Jo Jo: Oh, I thought she was one of your many odd friends.
Kite: No, no i've never seen her before. Pity, too, she-
Lucy: Guyses, Whos that prettysome girly?

Lucy: You didn't go'on over an' says helloses? Imma go say hiyas.

Lucy: HALLO! I'ms Lucy. Whatsyername?
?: ...
Lucy: ...Hallo?

Lucy:...Are you's bein' mean?
?: ...

Lucy: Well I means couldja at least tells me yer name?

Lucy: Waits, pretty girl! Come backs...Does she not likes me?
Jo Jo: Maybe she's just shy?

Kite: Hey there beautiful! What's your name?
?: ...
Kite: The silent type? Hey, that's alright. Ever wanted to be in a show? You look like the type for show business-
Jo Jo: There he goes again.

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The New Girl (Chapter 6)
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