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 New Clothes for Lucy

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PostSubject: New Clothes for Lucy   New Clothes for Lucy I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 1:31 am

?: Hellos! I ams the most-est
mysteeeeeriuos Fireflys faerie! You peopleses don't have any knowings
who cuz i gots my mostest mysteeeeerrious cloaksie!

New Clothes for Lucy DSC03753
Lucy, what on earth are you doing?
New Clothes for Lucy DSC03751
Spooky: Oh, you're playing with your new cloak? Why don't
you stop being silly and show everyone the rest of the lovely outfit you
Lucy: Ohs! Spooky you have always got ruining everythings! Grrrr!New Clothes for Lucy Smilie-ugh
Spooky: Oh, uh sorry.
Lucy: S'okays! I'll shows all'a thems! I feels prettty anyhows!
New Clothes for Lucy DSC03755

Lucy: Hellos to my bestmost firefly family. I loves my newoutfitness!

New Clothes for Lucy DSC03783
Lucy: SO! Before I forgets cuz i'm
kinds of a bubbleshead some-timeses, I saw a pictures of a Fuuga who
hads a lil' repairs on her lefties arm jus' likes ME! They hads a
new-most faceup so I dunno who ii is was! Whose my arm-buddyness?

Jo Jo: LUCY!!!
New Clothes for Lucy DSC03767
Jo Jo: Get down from there before you hurt yourself! I-I don't want you to get hurt!
Lucy: Ohs! Hiyas, Jo Jo! I've got plenty of balances! I've got juuust fine! I'm nots gonnsta'- faaAAAAA-
New Clothes for Lucy DSC03775
New Clothes for Lucy DSC03776
Lucy: Oof! Thawassa heckuva fallings! That's had lotsa fun actuallies! Huh Jo Jo! ...Jo Jo? Buddy-ness?
Jo Jo: Bluughhhhh....
New Clothes for Lucy DSC03777
Jo Jo: Owwwwwwww...my aching head.
Lucy: HAYS! Thanksies for breakin's my falling!
Jo Jo: I think you "breakin'd" my head.
Lucy: Wells Mr. Jo Jo you's know what da Spooky-J always sez! A lil' blunt trauma's is good for ya!
New Clothes for Lucy DSC03779
Jo Jo: She only said that once. And I think she was threatening someone.
Lucy: No matterses! You'll have plenty of fine inna little bit! Sees yas later-ness!
Jo Jo: Guuhhh. Why me?
New Clothes for Lucy DSC03760
Jo Jo: The things I put up with around here! *sigh*
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New Clothes for Lucy
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