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 Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 4) - Conclusion

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PostSubject: Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 4) - Conclusion   Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:40 pm

And now, the conclusion...

Kumi had set up a meeting between Tiggy and Zen, figuring the two would have much in common...

And as per Kumi's request, Zen brought her guns to show Tiggy...

Zen has a LOT of guns!

recognising quality craftsmanship, Tiggy took a closer look at Zen's MP-5.

Of course, being a Paranormal bounty hunter, one must be prepared with other options as well...

Tiggy even helped Zen load so that they could target practice

Zen was very impressed with Tiggy's knowledge and attention to firearm safety

She even presented Tiggy with her own police issue revolver... to help keep the peace back home.

Snazzimosts wheelgunz?

It was time to get Tiggy ready to go home...

"I have some bad news! The bus to take you to the transit station broke down! We'll never get you there in time!" Rupert exclaimed.

"Oh noes! What will we do?" said Razzy

"I got an idea!" replied Waylon.

Moments later.... "What a great Idea Waylon! We'll be there in no time!" Rupert gleefully shouted.

"Thanks! It just occured to me out of the blue" Waylon said.

"WE RIDE!!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 4) - Conclusion   Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:30 pm

Hi Peeps, I were so Honorabled Ta Meets Ya ans Play, ans I be FullMost O HappyMost Memorables, Gratitudes, LuV ans TANKs ~ TiGGy
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Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 4) - Conclusion
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