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 A Questing We Will Go

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PostSubject: A Questing We Will Go   Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:09 pm

Sia: So,

Sia: If we find the three Objects of Power, we can summon the Forces of Mystery to grant a single wish.

Tian: And bring back Token?

Mint: Where are we supposed to find these Objects of Power?

Coral: Does this sound like the plot of a B-grade fantasy flick to anyone? Or maybe one of those Japanese Anime?

Sia: Mama said Kiyam was close to finding one of them, and gave me instructions on how to find the other two.

Tian: So we can rescue Token?

Mint: I'll go pack our overnight bags.

Coral: ... you people are all insane.

Sia: Papa says it's a hazard of living with Mama.

Coral: I don't doubt it.

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A Questing We Will Go
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