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PostSubject: MONKEY WATCH 2011!!!   Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:24 pm

Now entering day 3 of the search for Rupert's missing Monkey, here at the Bat-Puki cave everyone is hard at work to find the missing primate...

...Rupert has been searching the computers for any mention of the errant ape in news reports; nearby the 'Ramblin Rodster' sits ready to wisk him off to perform a rescue!

Up on the roof Waylon scans the skies for any sign of the monkey; should he be making his way on his own wings...

Down below, several on the Moon Spa Tinies has come to help. Both Keyli and Dutch stand ready with Monkey retrieval gizmos...

While Cocoa and Nella man the Monkey containment pod.

Rupert's Co-Pilot, Mr. Teddy, is at the ready with the Grabba-claw.

and even the spooky goth kid is there... helping...we think.

And finally, Kumi and Dottie are rubbing Monkey Ball Monkeys for good luck...

All these efforts, combined with those from around the world are sure to turn something up... This is Wryan Billiams reporting
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