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 FFFF Winter Swap

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PostSubject: FFFF Winter Swap   Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:44 pm

Saturday I got my package from Roseann for the FFFF Winter swap....

Mailer box covered in (As Kumi explained it) "Good lucks Monkey talisman stickers" to ward away all the mail misrouting gremlins that infest the dark crevasses of the USPS...

The inner box, all festive and snowmanny and with a card with Sant

Kumi: "Gandalf!"
No, it's Santa, not Gandalf. See all the toys? When does Gandalf come bearing gifts?
Kumi: "He broughts fireworks to teh Hobbits!!!"
....good point. With a card with Santa Gandalf on it.

Dottie: "it's a very nice card too"
Rupert: "And what great penmanship!"

Stockings for both Dottie and Rupert and an ornament for the tree...

Both also got a cocoa mug, a little Bear, and a Rocking chair that is a perfect fit for Puki and Brownie alike... There were even cool little tinies sized Christmas sugar cookies for everyone!

Even Waldo got something; this adorable little shirt

But wait! There's more! Dottie made out very well... so well she feighted... fortunately this time without developing amnesia again!

this adorable outfit...

and her own polar bear plushie...

And this adorable outfit and hat... and her very own Nutcruncher!

And her own reindeer and Sleigh!

And a Gingerbread house, Ginglebell tree, chocolate bears, Jelly bellies, Little gift boxes for under the tree, and a lalaloopsie of her very own!

Dottie: *Too shy to speak*
If Dottie could speak right now she'd be thanking Roseann and her little ones for their generosity

Waldo: "Oook, ooh, ooh, OOK, Ah ah AHK!"
*Translation: I love my little shirt, it is warm and soft. Thank you Roseann*

Rupert: "Thank You Roseann! you are too kind and generous! Also Thank you to Newbjder for these awesome Camoflage clothes and the Christmas hats you sent us even though you got Razzy and Bleu as your swapy recipients. KAWAII!!!"

Kumi: "Thanks to newbjderlady for teh Keys to teh cities necklaces... Noaws I haz to finds teh locks they goes to!"

Thanks to both of you... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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FFFF Winter Swap
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