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 FFFF winter swappy 2011

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FFFF winter swappy 2011 Empty
PostSubject: FFFF winter swappy 2011   FFFF winter swappy 2011 I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 11:21 am

Razzy: Our swappymost package is here!
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512010901_dd07cae0f0_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-01 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

The king is in the house! such lovely things were written inside! <3
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512010969_53f7565617_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-02 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

wow.... that is packed pretty tight in there
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512011039_8e64dd0c30_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-03 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

curious Nekomimi's never miss a box opening!
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512011117_4bc1a76ebb_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-04 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

pretty packages!
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512011201_1782d2f53a_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-05 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Razzy gives Kumi her gifty!
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512011351_9134a8925f_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-06 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Bleu gets to give Rupert one too!
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512011553_05eb8a00ec_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-07 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Kumi loves her keys.... they should keep her busy finding the locks!
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512011811_d65b5510e6_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-08 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

Rupert adores the camo outfit! he has the perfect hat to go with them!
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512012055_7987a9d6cc_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-09 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

and all the lovely gifties!
FFFF winter swappy 2011 6512012369_288ddd5f36_z
FFFFwinterswappy2011-10 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

sorry there werent more pics, but my camera did not like the lighting conditions at all and most of the pics were super blurry...

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FFFF winter swappy 2011
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