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 Casting the Spell

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PostSubject: Casting the Spell   Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:42 pm

Tian: So... now what?

Sia: Umm...

Mint: Scoot over.

Mint: Umf.

Sia: What's that?

Mint: Master's Big Book Of Stuff No One's Supposed To Know About.

Tian: .... isn't that dangerous?

Mint: Yes.

Mint: Ah, here it is. Objects of Power.

Mint: Take Tear, place on Mirror. Hold Mushroom above Tear and picture Wish in mind.

Mint: Recite these words: "Ind kon kudra sawa-"

Mint: "Ana kan kolarasi nijmi siyara!"


Mint: Nothing happened?

Sia: The Tear and the Mushroom are gone...

Tian: Token...

Token: Tian?

Tian: !!! Did you hear that?

Sia: I think it came from the mirror...

Tian: ...... Token?

Token: Is it truly you, my love? I am not dreaming?

Tian: Oh! It's really... But... How did you get in the mirror?

Token: I do not know what mirror of which you speak. To me, it seems as though I am... nowhere in particular.

Tian: That... I'll figure out how to get you back. I promise.

Token: It cannot be soon enough that I hold you in my arms again, my love.

Tian: Token...

Tian: I love you.

Sia: It's getting mushy. Want to go do laundry?

Mint: Sure! Let's go.

Mint: I wonder where Kiyam and that strange lady went anyway...

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Casting the Spell
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