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 Make Your Move

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PostSubject: Make Your Move   Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:21 am

Kiyam: I was wondering when you were going to make a move.

Coral: Who says I'm making one?

Kiyam: I know when I'm being followed.

Kiyam: Mind telling me who exactly I pissed off this time?

Coral: Under Article XVII, Section IV of the Unified Temporal Codices, I have been authorized to take you into custody for your crimes. Should you choose to resist, I am authorized to eliminate you.

Kiyam: And what would you say your chances of success are?

Coral: Were you anyone else, I would say flawless.

Coral: But, I know who you are.

Kiyam: Do you?

Coral: Kiyam-Karanlik Sharr Sihir.

Coral: Known for excessive cruelty and mass genocide. Believed to be either immortal or a time traveler due to the wide span of time which these crimes encompass.

Coral: Purported to be a demon, although lack of vulnerability to traditional weaknesses calls this into question.

Kiyam: You did your homework. I'm impressed.

Coral: Better to be thorough than dead.

Kiyam: Heh.

Kiyam: So, are you going to make your move?

Kiyam: ................ smart girl.

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Make Your Move
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