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 Surprise March Meet

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PostSubject: Surprise March Meet   Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:20 pm

We went over to our friend Tygati's house yesterday for a surprise last minute get-together....

Dez says he hopes to have horns as big and strong as Secret's horns when he grows up

Waldo and Captain G manning the crow's nests of this confiscated galleon.

Rupert: "Hey Waldo whatcha doin up there?"

A gathering of tinies; from L-to-R: Butters, Waylon, Dottie, Lica, "Ice Fairy", Dutch, Bleu, and Razzy

Enarra Admiring "Goldfish"

Peppermint sporting a pair of Antlers

Zen, Ariadne, and Wixxys chilling in an overstuffed chair while Fawknar holds up the couch

Tygati's roomate's doll (a DZ Hid), who's name i can't remember....

Kumi.... of course

Huckleberry demonstrating how he tends to the rock garden...

And how he prunes the weeds!

Talen looking bored

Meanwhile Cordi flirts with Four of Five.

A gathering of YOs; from L-to-R (Back row first)Sassifrass (Leopardess), Mint (Tygati), Qa'Li (Blizz), "Tree baby" (Tyg), Dez (Blizz), Lissa (Leo), Wixxys (Blizz), Pip (Leo).

Tygati's new F-30 Volks boy...

...aaaand getting oggled by Seatac

And her boys Kiyam and Kaith

Razzy and Volks boy with matching hair

Somehow I missed getting a pic of Amatsubu's doll that she brought... I'm still getting back into the habit of taking pics again...
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise March Meet   Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:39 pm

I love the shot with the matching raspberry hair!
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Surprise March Meet
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