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 A much needed day out.

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A much needed day out. Empty
PostSubject: A much needed day out.   A much needed day out. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2012 8:47 pm

This photostory is based before 'In the Arms of the Angels' photostory. Kiesha is playing the role of Jinny. ^_^

A much needed day out. DSCI4037
"I am so glad you got the day off." Jinny said as she took a deep breath of the crisp clean air.

A much needed day out. DSCI4038
Fox watched his wife. "Yeah its nice to spend some time away form school and work."

A much needed day out. DSCI4041
"I especially like the fact that you picked a place away from people so I wouldn't have to be subject to people seeing this back pack you picked out..."

A much needed day out. DSCI4042
"SHH! Cornelius look! Deer!"

A much needed day out. DSCI3900
The two looked at the deer. Jinny looked like an excited child, she had never seen one in person.

A much needed day out. DSCI4043
"I think we should go out more often." Fox said as the deer left to find a better food source.

A much needed day out. DSCI4045
"We could go to the zoo next weekend. Or perhaps we could take a week and go to Disneyland. You said you've always wanted to go."

A much needed day out. DSCI4048
Jinny sat on a nearby log, Fox following. "Hon you barely got work off for today."
Fox sighed. "Please, they have to let me have vacation."

A much needed day out. DSCI4053
"I'm about to make department head and once I've done that getting away will be nearly impossible." Fox sighed. "I want to do stuff with you, before you get a job at the hospital, and before we have children."

A much needed day out. DSCI4054
"Cornelius, we're still young." Jinny said placing her hand in his. "We have all of our lives ahead of us."
"Yes, your right. No need to rush." Fox smiled.
"I'm always right." Jinny said matter-of-factly.
Fox laughed. "That's very true."

A much needed day out. DSCI4055
"I love you Cornelius..."

~Thanks for looking~
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A much needed day out.
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