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 Rupert's Pad

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PostSubject: Rupert's Pad   Rupert's Pad I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 3:02 pm

Someday I plan to build Rupert a huge treehouse to live in, but until then he makes due with this little appartment I cobbled together for him...

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-001
Here's a wide shot of Rupert's pad; a shelf on one of my bookshelves, nestled between 2 short shelves filled with DVDs and small action figures...

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-002
His reading area; the Rocking chair kept warm by this commando bunny

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-003
The Sleeping area; Rupert sleeps on the top bunk, while Waldo sleeps in his steamer trunk

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-004
A collection of superhero action figures adornes the step-shelves

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-005
And his Rubber Ducky collection

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-006
Rupert's home Kitchen is pretty well equiped...

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-007
He even has a Barbeque!

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-008
And a microwave oven.

Rupert's Pad Rupepad-009
There's even a place to relax after a hard day's work...
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Rupert's Pad
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