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 The Hamburger Wagon V

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The Hamburger Wagon V Empty
PostSubject: The Hamburger Wagon V   The Hamburger Wagon V I_icon_minitimeFri May 04, 2012 4:24 pm

The Hamburger Wagon V Hmbrgr5-001
Rupert, though very busy cooking, always finds time to talk to his customers....

The Hamburger Wagon V Hmbrgr5-002
Dottie is anxious to try out the new burgerwagon and peddles her new trike as fast as it'll go.

The Hamburger Wagon V Hmbrgr5-003
Meanwhile, Akasha having got her order, asks for some hot sauce while Cocoa peruses the menu.

The Hamburger Wagon V Hmbrgr5-004
Grimlock brings out some tasty beverages...

The Hamburger Wagon V Hmbrgr5-005
and Waldo arrives with a load of fresh produce for today's smoothie of the day flavor....Bananna!

The Hamburger Wagon V Hmbrgr5-006
Things are getting busy 'round here...
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The Hamburger Wagon V
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