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 Ancient History

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PostSubject: Ancient History   Tue May 15, 2012 12:12 pm

Tian: It's been a very long time, Arynn.

Arynn: I didn't think I was asleep so long, but... you seem different.

Tian: Asleep? You were dead. I saw.

Arynn: I told you before, the only way to kill a forest spirit is to destroy his entire forest.

Tian: They set it on fire!

Arynn: One tree. All I need is one tree, and I'll survive.

Tian: .............. I thought you were dead. You didn't come back.

Arynn: I'm sorry. It took longer than expected for my forest to recover.

Arynn: I looked for you when I awoke, but I couldn't find you.

Arynn: ...... How long has it been?

Tian: Four hundred years.

Arynn: I'm sorry.

Tian: I'm... It's been...

Tian: I've... met someone.

Arynn: ..................

Arynn: I see.

Arynn: Tian...

Soren: Tian? Are you...

Soren: Oh.

Tian: It's okay. What did you need?

Soren: Shaial wanted to speak with you, if you had a moment.

Tian: All right, I'm coming.

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Ancient History
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