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 Forest Guardian

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PostSubject: Forest Guardian   Sat May 19, 2012 7:03 pm

Tian: .... I'm sorry, Arynn.

Arynn: It's all right, Tian. As long as you're happy.

Tian: .... Yes.

Arynn: I won't be able to leave for a little while. This little Leaf isn't yet strong enough to leave his place of germination.

Arynn: I'm sorry if this causes you difficulty.

Tian: No, I... it will be fine. I am glad to see you again, even though...

Tian: Isn't that the plant that Mint was growing?

Arynn: Several weeks ago my seeds were stolen. I had hoped to find them undisturbed, but..

Arynn: It seems they were planted in my absence.

Tian: Oh. Is that bad?

Arynn: He is to be the next Forest Guardian, in my place.

Tian: Oh!

Tian: But... what will happen to you?

Arynn: .........

Arynn: I'm not sure yet. The theft of my seeds has forced my hand.

Tian: But.....

Arynn: Don't worry about it. I will be fine. Your lover is waiting for you.

Tian: Token?

Arynn: Go.

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Forest Guardian
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