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 Secret Prince

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PostSubject: Secret Prince   Secret Prince I_icon_minitimeMon May 21, 2012 9:01 am

Secret Prince Story91_01

Soren: Maybe if you were to describe your prince, we might be able to help you find him.

Secret Prince Story91_02

Silver: Well, he's...

Secret Prince Story91_03

Secret Prince Story91_04

Silver: Highness?!?

Secret Prince Story91_05

Surprise: Silver?


Secret Prince Story91_06

Surprise: What are you doing here?

Secret Prince Story91_07

Silver: Looking for you!

Secret Prince Story91_08

Silver: ... why do you look like that?

Secret Prince Story91_09

Surprise: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Secret Prince Story91_10

Mint: .... since when can you say more than "surprise?"

Secret Prince Story91_11

Surprise: Heh. Um, surprise?

Secret Prince Story91_12

Surprise: Ow! Uncle! Uncle!

Secret Prince Story91_13

Silver: Do not treat his Highness in such a manner.

Secret Prince Story91_14

Surprise: It's all right, Silver. He has my permission.

Secret Prince Story91_15

Mint: I don't need 'permission' to deal with you.

Secret Prince Story91_16

Surprise: You know, that's probably true. If you knew-

Secret Prince Story91_17

Surprise: Ack!

Secret Prince Story91_18

Surprise: Hey! Ow! Easy on the horns!

Secret Prince Story91_19

Mint: I liked you better when you didn't speak.

Secret Prince Story91_20

Silver: ...............

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Secret Prince
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