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 The Master Plan

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PostSubject: The Master Plan   Fri May 25, 2012 7:30 pm

Silver: So this is where you've been...

Surprise: You knew I was going to lie low for a while.

Silver: With no way of contacting you, and for an undetermined length of time!

Surprise: It wasn't supposed to be any big deal. I left you in charge!

Silver: That's the problem!

Silver: They wouldn't listen to me, despite being declared Regent, and I can't behead all of them.

Silver: Everything is falling apart, and I can't stop it.

Silver: You need to come home.

Surprise: ..............

Surprise: I can't.

Silver: Why not?

Surprise: I found something here, something incredible. Can't you feel it?

Silver: I-

Surprise: Reach out. Feel the world surrounding you.

Surprise: Do you see it?

Silver: I don't... oh.

Surprise: Yes. That.

Surprise: Do you know what it is?

Silver: It's... light?

Surprise: Even better. Do you know the legend of the Sky Spirits?

Silver: I don't think so.

Surprise: .... I keep forgetting how lacking your education was.

Surprise: The Sky Spirits were a race of beings born to light-

Surprise: All of them.

Silver: But that's-

Surprise: Yes.

Surprise: The Light has been stealing their power for centuries, keeping them docile and enslaved so that they cannot rebel. If they were to be freed and return to our world, the entire balance of power would change.

Silver: And one of these Sky Spirits... is here?

Surprise: Yes.

Silver: So, what are you going to do?

Surprise: I'm going to make him my Consort.

Silver: What?!

Surprise: Think about it, Silver! A warrior of Light, allied to Shadow! We could end the war once and for all.

Silver: ..... what makes you think this Sky Spirit even wants to be your Consort?

Surprise: Well... I'm still working on that.

Silver: ................... -__-;

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The Master Plan
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