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PostSubject: Spoilers   Mon May 28, 2012 10:47 am

Soren: Shaial.

Shaial: Feathers!

Soren: Would you explain to me just what is going on? I'm sure you know.

Shaial: You're going to need to be slightly more specific.

Soren: An ex-boyfriend of Tian's just showed up, Surprise is apparently a Prince in disguise...

Shaial: I think you summed it up pretty well right there.

Soren: You know what I mean.

Shaial: But this isn't my Breaking the Fourth Wall series. I'm not supposed to elucidate here.

Soren: Your what?

Shaial: You know, where I address the...

Shaial: You know, I think that joke has gotten old.

Soren: I think you're just trying to distract me from my question.

Shaial: Would I do that?

Soren: Yes.

Shaial: Heh. All right then, what did you want to know?

Soren: Arynn. Why did he show up now, after so long?

Shaial: Because Surprise stole his pouch of seeds and gave them to Peppermint as a present.

Soren: Why?

Shaial: Because he likes Peppermint.

Soren: ..........

Mint: Huh.

Soren: So I guess that explains the whole Prince-in-disguise thing too.

Shaial: Partially.

Soren: What do you...

Soren: No, never mind, I really don't want to know.

Mint: I think I'm going to need a better cage.

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