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 Razzy's new Ride!

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PostSubject: Razzy's new Ride!   Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:35 pm

Hey Razzy!
I got you a new ride
Okiez, letz see it.

RAZZYNEWRIDE101 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

well, it is bit sparklymost but doesn't look too cushy....

RAZZYNEWRIDE102 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

yups a bit stiffs!

RAZZYNEWRIDE103 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

ok here is another one to try...

RAZZYNEWRIDE104 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

well at least this one has cushy AND a bit of sparkly

RAZZYNEWRIDE105 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

ok, this is the last one I found.... (I hope she likes this one)

RAZZYNEWRIDE106 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

this one is the BLingymost one ever! and I fits it just so! ok nows I just need more minions for christmas
why do you need more minions?
to pullz it, of course!

RAZZYNEWRIDE107 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

"just call me Leo, its easier to type Very Happy"
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Razzy's new Ride!
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