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 The Sk8-P4rk

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PostSubject: The Sk8-P4rk   Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:08 pm

It was a cold, miserable day outside in the "real" world; but in "Magical-Tinies-Land" (ie my staging table) things at the skate park in Kumi's back yard were just heating up!

Rupert was tearing the place up on his skateboard...

While Waldo was attempting to climb a wedge in his peddal-powered "Bananarambler"...

Stephany Plumbcat was enjoying a ride on a bike...

and Drossel was cruising along on her board.

Meanwhile Frescwyn was attempting to get the hang of skating.

Captain G enjoyed borrowing Waldo's Scooter...

Waylon zipped around on his nifty steam powered deck...

and Butters sat watching; afraid to try it out. Sad

Rumble and Frenzy skated in tandem...

While Dottie peddaled her trike...

and Kumi shreaded like a pro!

And Michaelangelo skated like he was born on a board.

The park was a buzz with activity!

Rupert did silly tricks...

and Frescwyn decided to throw in the towel...

Mikey did his thing too.

The brothers were totally in sych...

and Drossel flawless in form.

Captain G did complain about the air conditioning however...

and Waldo was still working on that "hill".

Stephanie was loving every minute of the ride.

as was Waylon!

Kumi showed off...

and Dottie played it safe...

and Butters just sat on his butt.

Until Rupert talked him into taking things slow and gave him a hand.

Then finally it was Grimlock's turn...

he was even more reluctant than Butters!

and fun was had by all!

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PostSubject: Re: The Sk8-P4rk   Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:52 pm

Cute!!!! I love the first picture!
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The Sk8-P4rk
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