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 Picking up the pieces

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PostSubject: Picking up the pieces   Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:42 pm

A series of photos taken a while back but never posted before. Features Rupert (FL Pukipuki Pongpong), Waldo (Daisy Dayes Monkey), Akasha (FL Pukipuki belongs to a friend), Captain G (Daisy Dayes Gyp, belongs to my SO), Simmon (DHS Elvene), Drossel (Figma Drossel), Panthro (Thundercats),and Grimlock, Huffer, Scrapper & Longhaul (Transformers).

pieces01 by Blizz Az, on Flickr

pieces02 by Blizz Az, on Flickr

pieces03 by Blizz Az, on Flickr

pieces04 by Blizz Az, on Flickr

pieces05 by Blizz Az, on Flickr

pieces06 by Blizz Az, on Flickr

pieces07 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
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Picking up the pieces
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