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 Return Of The Waldo

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PostSubject: Return Of The Waldo   Return Of The Waldo I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2013 10:45 pm

Return Of The Waldo 8500789125_961636cc3c_z
rotw01 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
A small Jedi Delta Starfighter swoops down onto the surface of Geonosis...

Return Of The Waldo 8501896704_b279c6f3b5_z
rotw02 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
Piloted by deft hands and a trusty Astromech Droid...

Return Of The Waldo 8501896088_e5e063be29_z
rotw03 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
The pilot springs from the cockpit on strong nimble legs...

Return Of The Waldo 8501895854_3436ca3fed_z
rotw04 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
He has come, risking all.... to save the Bananas!
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Return Of The Waldo
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