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 A Promise

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PostSubject: A Promise   A Promise I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 12:23 pm

A Promise Story97_01

A Promise Story97_02

A Promise Story97_03

A Promise Story97_04

Token: Hello.

A Promise Story97_05

Arynn: ........ hello.

A Promise Story97_06

A Promise Story97_07

Arynn: Promise me you'll protect him.

A Promise Story97_08

Token: From what?

A Promise Story97_09

Arynn: The world, everything.

A Promise Story97_10

Arynn: He's.... fragile.

A Promise Story97_11

Token: I believe he is stronger than you think.

A Promise Story97_12

Arynn: You weren't there, you didn't see.

A Promise Story97_13

Token: See what?

A Promise Story97_14

Arynn: Life has not been kind to him.

A Promise Story97_15

Arynn: His own people rejected him for his impure blood, tormented him...

A Promise Story97_16

Arynn: That is how he found my forest. He was seeking some place to hide.

A Promise Story97_17

Token: Tian...

A Promise Story97_18

Arynn: I can no longer protect him. So, I ask again, will you?

A Promise Story97_19

Token: Always.

A Promise Story97_20

Arynn: Thank you.

A Promise Story97_21

Arynn: Farewell.

A Promise Story97_22

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A Promise
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