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 Relationship Advice

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PostSubject: Relationship Advice   Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:08 pm

Secret: I don't understand what I'm doing wrong! I've tried everything!

Secret: Priceless jewels, beautiful flowers, gourmet desserts, expensive gifts...

Secret: I even studied for weeks so that I could break that binding spell on him, and what does he do?

Secret: Makes me put it back!

Silver: Not all people are impressed by power and titles.

Secret: You were.

Silver: That's different. You were offering consistant meals and a real bed to someone who lived on the street. He already has that.

Silver: If you want him to like you, you need to find something about you, yourself, for him to like.

Kiyam: Good luck with that.

Secret: How am I supposed to make someone like me? Most people hate me!

Secret: The only people who even tolerate me are you and Sahara...

Secret: Hey!

Silver: No.

Secret: But...

Silver: No.

Secret: Siiiigh.

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Relationship Advice
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