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 Courting A Consort

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PostSubject: Courting A Consort   Sat Sep 28, 2013 3:45 pm

Secret: How did you-

Secret: Shaial.

Peppermint: I am not accepting your suit.

Peppermint: But neither am I rejecting it.

Peppermint: You may court me, provided that you do so in a mature, responsible manner.

Peppermint: No more interrupting my work.

Secret: But you're working all the time!

Peppermint: Master has arranged to give me some free time, to arrange as I see fit.

Secret: And then I can court you?

Peppermint: When I'm not working.

Secret: Okay, I can do that...

Secret: I think...

Secret: Er... how exactly does one go about Courting anyway?

Peppermint: Don't you know?

Secret: I've never found my perfect Consort before. I never had a reason to court anyone.

Peppermint: You keep saying that word, Consort. What does that even mean?

Secret: It's...

Secret: It doesn't mean now, what it used to.

Secret: Except with you I think it does.

Secret: Someone who is everything, equal but better.

Secret: The balance that was missing.

Peppermint: The missing half of one's heart.

Secret: Yes! How did you...

Peppermint: You read Master's book.

Secret: Only the part about spellbreaking...

Peppermint: Hm. Interesting.

Secret: Wait, wait!

Secret: There's stuff about all of this in there and you're not going to tell me?!?

Peppermint: Consider it your punishment.

Secret: But that's not fair! Peppermint!

Secret: Wait!

Shaial: Oh, this will be fun.

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Courting A Consort
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