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 Building with Buggutz - Episode 1

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PostSubject: Building with Buggutz - Episode 1   Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:39 pm

bwb01-01 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
Buggutz has a whole new Lego set to build; so he's going to show us how it's done...

bwb01-02 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
First thing, you De-Box and De-Bag the set...

bwb01-03 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
Then you must organize the parts and make sure all the pieces are accounted for!

bwb01-04 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
One must take care to use the proper tools for each step...

bwb01-05 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
using the wrong tool can damage the kit, the tool it's self or even the builder.

bwb01-06 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
And always observe all safety proceedures!

bwb01-07 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
Also take care to mind all fingers, toes, and noses while using your tools.

bwb01-08 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
and never over-tighten parts

bwb01-09 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
All done! Now for a quick clean up...

bwb01-10 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
And Buggutz can take it for a test drive!

bwb01-11 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
...or not.
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Building with Buggutz - Episode 1
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