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 Building with Buggutz - Episode 3

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PostSubject: Building with Buggutz - Episode 3   Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:47 pm

bwb03-01 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
Buggutz thought he'd out-smarted them... whoever it was that had been steeling his project cars.

bwb03-02 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
This time he built TWO simultaneously; one for the thief to take and one for him to keep...

bwb03-03 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
after all, the thief couldn't very well drive TWO cars at once now could he?

bwb03-04 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
Why, that would be impossible right? 

bwb03-05 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
..well then again.

bwb03-06 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
Oh what is a poor Goblin to do?

bwb03-07 by Blizz Az, on Flickr
Back again to the drawing boards....
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Building with Buggutz - Episode 3
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