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 The Space Pirate (Deboxing Malik)

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PostSubject: The Space Pirate (Deboxing Malik)   Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:31 pm

I got my Ringdoll Valo today. We took him over to my friend Daina's house to open him up! here's Box Openiong pics

The Mailer box

The Ringdoll Box

bubblewrap Mummy

...strange visitor from another world...

...or is it two?

A Neko sniffs...

make that two!

While Pukis look on

Mechanical arm

and eyes

birth card

Chiriri in a box! (It's required by law you know!)

Poses and stands like a dream straight out of the box

"Lets get one thing straight here buster..."

"I'm the top dolly in these parts!"

"And don't you forgets it!"

Other than the fact that Ringdoll did not pack one part of his outfit, NOR the gun I'd ordered, And that his wig is kinna crappy, AND that there is a couple of tiny almost imperceptable pocks on one cheek; then he's perfect! He stands and poses like a dream, his resin is beautiful and the outfit is actually very nice. Ringdoll makes an awesome product and I highly recommend them.
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The Space Pirate (Deboxing Malik)
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