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 Kumi's Tails - A whole new world (Deboxing Zen) (Doll nudity)

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PostSubject: Kumi's Tails - A whole new world (Deboxing Zen) (Doll nudity)   Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:56 pm

This is my very first Box Opening of a "BJD", and the first of my long line of Photostories.

4:31 AM Kumi wakes me up by scampering around and looking out the window

every 30 seconds. I ask what she's doing and she replys waiting for the

postman. I tell her that todays package isn't being brought by the

postman and that we've got hours to wait...like every cat she just

ignores what I say.

5:35 AM After an hour of constantly interupted sleep I decide to get up

and check e-mail and postings... :/ ...Kumi still scampering around

jumping up at every sound, or atleast perking her ears...

6:53 AM after getting home from driving the SO to work I see Kumi has

decided to save the trouble of scampering back and forth and is just

sitting watching out the window...

11:20 Am Still waiting for those awefully inconsiderate UPS people to

get here (lol), hope it won't be long...not even lunch and I'm already

...Wait, whats that? Could it be? It IS! It is here!!!
*Passes out*

11:21 AM Awakens to Neko smaking my face..."Wakey Upy" She says then leaps off me like a little blue furry spiderman...

On to the pics...

My first impressions? Honestly I thought the box would be 4-6" shorter!

Kumi! What are you doing with that Machette???
"Oopen it?"
You don't want to wait for the others?
Oh fine

"Viva Revolution!!!"
What The???

"Ufff...Haard Work!"

"Weee! Open!"

"Waaa-HOOO!!! Mess time!"

"Look! Got Head?"
Oh Ha-ha you lil comedian...gimme that

"Ooo-ooo! Hogans!"
What?! Uh-hem...um hand them over...
"Got Milk?"

"Another box???"




"WOW....so big!"

"Outta the bag you!"
*Still Spechless*

*Choked up*

"Time a wake uu-up"
*Catching breath"


"SWAGGGGG!!!! Tanks Em'ry!"

Yes, Thanks Emory...WOW!!! I didn't expect her to be quite THIS big (Not complaining)


Yeah, as an aside I am Now addicted to hi-Chews (already was to pocky), and after using the MSC Emory included on Zen, I can honestly say I'll use nothing else on my dolls. I used Testors Dullcoat on my previous smaller dolls including Kumi, and had no problem at all, but MSC gives me a good feeling using it...though that COULD just be the fumes ;D
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Kumi's Tails - A whole new world (Deboxing Zen) (Doll nudity)
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