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 Chef Boy Rupie

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PostSubject: Chef Boy Rupie   Chef Boy Rupie I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 13, 2011 2:17 pm

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-001
Chef Boy Rupert is cooking up a whole new batch of Yum!

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-002
First you stir...

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-003
Then pour! Bake for an indeterminate ammount of time and...

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-004
Voila! a feast fit for a tiny!

And now...

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-005
1-hand Puki stand!!!

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-006

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-007

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-008

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-009

Chef Boy Rupie Rupertjam-010
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Chef Boy Rupie
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