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This site is dedicated to photostories featuring Ball Jointed Dolls, Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, and other small figures and figurines.
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PostSubject: -=STORY INDEX=-   Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:52 am

Indexed list of stories sorted by series and episode

Warning, Titles marked with a DN denote a degree of Doll Nudity. Though I do not do stories of an overt sexual nature, some degree of Nudity is required (Mostly in box openings)

Kumi's Tails:
A Whole New World DN
Show and Tell
Metal Minion
Something Puki This Way Comes DN
Rupert's New Toy
Dolly Decision 2010
I Dismember Vega
Special Delivery - Part 1
Special Delivery - Part 2
A Saturday Afternoon
The Order
The Delivery DN
Brat Pwning
Kumi's New Car

When a Puki Knocks (Forerunner to "Tinies")
Part - 1
Part - 2
Part - 3
Part - 4
Part - 5
Part - 6
Part - 7 (Giant Holiday Edition)
Part - 8 (The Tummy Ache)
Part - 9 (Picnic)
Part - 10 (The Haunted Hovel)
Part - 11 (The END!)

What can Brownie Do? ("Off season" Story Arc)
Part - 1
Part - 2
Part - 3

Preludes (0 Episode shorts)
Prelude - 1
Prelude - 2

Tinies (Season 1)
Episode - 1
Episode - 2
Episode - 3
Episode - 4
Episode - 5
Episode - 6
Episode - 7
Episode - 8

Tinies (Season 2)
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Pukitrekwars - Episode 1 Teh Phantom Puki

Pt. I
Pt. II
Pt. IV
Pt. V
Pt. VI

Episode 1
Episode 2

Rupert Plays::
Minecraft Episode 1

GhOsT MiSaDvEnTuReS:
Episode 1

Intros and Box Openings:
Zen's Box Opening DN
Ariadne's Box Opening DN
Tyran's Box Opening DN
Rupert's Box Opening DN
Malik's Box Opening
Meet Pascal
Enarra's Box Opening DN
Kevin's Box Opening DN
Wind of Change
Right hand o Doooom! DN
Obitsu 11cm review
Homme Ducan Home
Marlette's Box Opening VIDEO DN
Serafina Unveiled DN
DHS Ice Fairy Box opening DN
Bad Mamma-Jamma

Hujoo Jake Box Opening Video DN
Halloween 2010
Rupert's Thanksgiving Greeting
Happy Easter

FFFF Autumn Swap 2011
FFFF Winter Swap 2011
FFFF Spring Swap 2012
FFFF Summer Swap 2012
FFFF Summer Swap 2013

Tiggy's Visit:
The Welcome Party pt.1
The Welcome Party pt.2
The Welcome Party pt.3
The Welcome Party pt.4

Building with Buggutz
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 10

Danse Revolution
Transformation DN
The Pirate's New "Do"
Cordi's New Clothes
Chef Boy Rupie
Got Game?
Fists of teh Puki
Pirating the Pirates
New Tools
How To Kill A Sunday
Ninja Attack!
International Play With Your Doll Day
Medieval Marketplace
To BOLDLY go... sorta
Rubadubdub Ploting in the tub
Rupert's Picnic
Monkey Watch 2011
Roy's Hat
The Lighthouse
The Box From Labrat
Me and My Shadow
Gas Station
The Mysteriousmost Package
Tinies Meeting 12
A Tiny Snack
Rupert's Pad\
The Card Game
The Sk8-P4rk
The X-Wing Game
The X-Wing Game II: The Puki Strikes Back!
Picking up the pieces
Return of the Waldo
Surprise Package
Teh Mechanic
Kumi's New Bank
Head On!!!
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