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 While the Cat's Away (Shaial, Mint, & Sorensha)

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PostSubject: While the Cat's Away (Shaial, Mint, & Sorensha)   Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:02 am

Shaial: Retired demon-god-thing. Sanity optional.
Sorensha: Mute, quasi-telepathic oracle angel.
Peppermint Cordial: Shaial's beware-the-cute Minion.

Mint: It's awfully quiet around here with Tian off visting his boyfriend, isn't it Boss?

Shaial: Yeah...

Shaial: We should do something fun!

Mint: What are we going to do?

Shaial: Hmmmm...

Shaial: Try on all of Tian's clothes!

Mint: Oooooh!

Shaial: Stylin'

Mint: Ta daa!

Shaial: Hee hee.

Mint: Toga party?

Shaial: Umf. Too tight!

Mint: Too loose.

Sorensha: What are you two doing?


Mint: Um..

Shaial: Playing dress-up?

Sorensha: *sigh* Tian isn't going to be happy about this.

Shaial: We'll get it all cleaned up before he gets back, and you won't tell him, right?

Mint: Hey Boss, don't you think this one would look pretty on Soren?

Shaial: .......

Sorensha: Oh no you don't, don't even think-

Shaial: Onward, faithful minion! After those feathers!

Sorensha: Next time I keep my mouth shut!

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While the Cat's Away (Shaial, Mint, & Sorensha)

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