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This site is dedicated to photostories featuring Ball Jointed Dolls, Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, and other small figures and figurines.
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 About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS)

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About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS) Empty
PostSubject: About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS)   About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 11, 2011 8:31 pm

This Forum was created to have a centralized place to post our Photostories so that they can be shared with people who are not members of specific closed forums and social sites. This is an open view forum so anyone may view and read the stories, but only members and storytellers may post.
Guests may be allowed to vote in some polls.

The photostories are mostly made with scale miniatures, action figures, BJD's, dolls and other "Toys" and are for the most part content friendly. There are stories involving romance, magic and weapons, so if you are easily offended by those things, please go elsewhere.

Be forewarned, there are some less than clothed dolls especially in box opening stories so parental preview is suggested for minors.

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Join date : 2011-01-29
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About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS) Empty
PostSubject: Re: About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS)   About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 15, 2011 7:31 pm


•Membership is not required to read and enjoy the stories, feel free to link others to this forum, but do not copy or hotlink content either stories or photos to other forums or blogs. If copied or hotlinked stories are found please report them to tinytomes@gmail.com

•Some of the stories here deal with romance, relationships and may contain suggestive topics. Stories containing suggestive topics, mild doll nudity, or language should have tags in the title indicating the nature of the story. If these things make you uncomfortable, please feel free to Not read the story.

•Guests are permited to vote in polls and view stories.

•Guests cannot post replies to threads or start new threads.

•Guests cannot view the Member discussion, Behind the Scenes, or OT Discussion sections.

•Registering is required to become a member of the forum. Spammers will not be tolerated. Members sending spam will be warned and then banned if the behavior continues.


•Members are allowed to comment and reply in most sections, but can only start threads in the Member sections.

•Members are allowed to post stories in the Member Stories section. Box Openings are allowed if there is a story or plot.

•Members who wish to have a storyteller section need to contact a Moderator to be reviewed

General Rules:

•We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.

•Accounts will be deleted if no login occurs within three months from date of registration.

•One member per account. Multiple people using one account is against our policy. Membership is free and we expect each person using tinytomes to have their own account.

•No more than one account per person. Members will be contacted if the staff reviews memberships and finds possible duplicates.

•Members violating any site rules will receive no more than three warnings followed by a temporary ban of up to one month. Any further violations after repeal of the temporary ban will result in a permanent ban.

•Excessively inappropriate behavior across the forum can and will result in an immediate ban. The moderators reserve the right to determine if it is temporary or permanent.

•The forum reserves the right to enact a permanent ban for any major rules violation.

•ALL rules posted to the subforums are considered incorporated herein and are to be followed and not abused.


•Abuse of forum or members or staff is not tolerated. Abuse constitutes written attacks against members/staff in any part of the forum. This includes derogatory remarks regarding sexuality, race, and religion in addition to directed, hateful attacks of any nature.

•Spam is not tolerated.

•No trolling or flaming will be tolerated.

•All story content, story concepts, and characters are copyright their respective owners.

•This forum is an open view forum, please keep all blatent provocative and excessive foul language out of your posts. BE NICE!

•Remember that most of the forum is open and anyone can read your posts, keep all personal information out of your posts in the public areas. Never post your real full name, birthdate, phone number or contact information in the forum.


•Please do not post more than 3 pictures in a discussion thread, if you have more, please make a story and link to it.

•Image size is to be no wider than 800 pixels to prevent the disruption of the forum layout

•Signature size is to be no bigger than 800x150 pixels (width x height). INCLUDING text!
About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS) Siggui10
•Avatar size is to be no bigger than 100x100 pixels (width x height).
About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS) Avguid10

•This forum is an open view forum, please refrain from posting blatantly explicit photos and excessive doll nudity photos. Some doll nudity is allowable for box openings and other informative posts. NO HUMAN NUDITY IS PERMITTED!

•Photos of other people's dolls cannot be used without the express permission of the doll's owner.

•All photo content is copyright its respective owners.

Rules are subject to change!
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About this Forum and Rules of Conduct (READ THIS)
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