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 Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 2)

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PostSubject: Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 2)   Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:43 pm

I forewent the word balloons on this part of the story as I don't like to put words into other people's doll's mouth's. So instead i took a more narative approach...

Patiently thay all awaited the OK signal... After all, Kumi had demanded Roy divert aircraft from flying over the mountain until after their guest was freed from her transport unit; and Roy was smart enough NOT to argue with the Neko who on several occasions sprayed him with fire-extinguishing foam to make him quit smoking...

Finally getting the green light, Rupert and Razzy began the unsealing process; he pulling the release tab, and her dseactivating the protective charms placed on the unit to safeguard it's precious cargo...

Finally unsealed, Rupert and Razzy both breathed a sigh of releif. Meanwhile, Largo stood nearby, documenting every detail for posterity...

Carefully openinmg the unit, Razzy alone shimmied inside to extract this inner transport unit. Razzy knew that sometimes as an added level of precaution, Firefly Fairies instal nasty boobytraps behind the main enchantments...

Carefully, the inner unit was extracted and unwrapped...

Razzy listened close before attempting to open the Transport Unit...

Cautiously opening the unit, Razzy first laid eyes of their visitor, and Though she was here for some needed healing, one would never know it to look at her, She seemed as she ever was, Intelligent, Wise, courageous...

Rupert retrieved one of the Gurneys that are used to shuttle around the Moon-Spa's many visitors, while Razzy rousted Tiggy and asked if she were awake.

It was at that time Kumi chose to spout out her signature greeting to all visitors; "Welcome to Eerf" she blurted out at a decible that did not do much to hide her excitement at this auspicious guest. It was not often that she got to meet such a famous "Tiny" as Tiggy, and like every time before she had gone to great lengths to make them feel at home... Or atleast Kumi's sense of what Home should be.

Tiggy stood, and though rejected laying on the Gurney, did lean against it for a moment just to get her bearings. Though the trip wasn't long, it WAS consistently cramped in the pod with little room to stretch out.

"This" Kumi stated "Is Bannon. He's big smart resiny hunks of muscles bodyguards I hireds to tends to whatevers you need doins...

But Tiggy declined; she didn't need a bodyguard, and certainly with his size he would only be in the way.

Kumi though insisted, stating that the huge warrior didn't have anything else important to do, and finally appealing to the Tiny fairy's sense of value stating "Besides, he already ate his payments!"
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PostSubject: Re: Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 2)   Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:17 pm

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Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 2)
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