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 Happy Birthday, Lucy and JoJo!

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PostSubject: Happy Birthday, Lucy and JoJo!   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:19 am

A quick birthday story. No plot here, folks, just for fun!

SpookyJ: Lucy! Jo Jo! Come over here for a picture!

SpookyJ: Okay you two, smile for the camera! Aww, those are such cute crowns.

Lucy: Huurryys uuuupppps! I wanna get at the cakeyy!
Jo Jo: I feel silly.
SpookyJ: Quiet, both of you. Commemorating this stuff is my job. C'mon, lets go see see the ca-
Lucy: CAAAAAAKKKE! Hoorays!

Kite: Happy Birthday to youuu! Happy Birthday to youuuu! Happy BIRTHday Lucy, oh and also Jo Jo-
Jo Jo: Hey!
Kite: Haaaaaaappy Biirrrthdaaaay tooooooo YOUUUU!
Eleanor: ...
SpookyJ: Alright guys, lets cut the cake....hey!

SpookyJ: You guys already started cutting it?

Lucy: MMMmmmMM!

Lucy: This has so much yummyses!
Jo Jo: This IS good!
Kite: Man, Who made this anyways?
SpookyJ: Eleanor did.

Eleanor: ...

Kite: It's nice to actually do somethin' FUN around here!
Lucy: Caaaakes.


Kite: You baked it all on your own? And you're not even eating any? Don'cha know how to cut loose?
Kite: Aww, come on, i'm sure you can speak. Won't you say somethin' to ol' Mister Kite?

Jo Jo: Kite, do you think you could keep it down? Or be smarmy somewhere else?
Kite: Whaaaa-
Jo Jo: She's sleeping.

Kite: Sleeping? Already?
Jo Jo: Sugar coma. Ate too much cake.
Kite: She's cute like that. Not yappin'.
Jo Jo: Kite! Jerk!

Lucy: ZZZZZzzzzzz...

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Happy Birthday, Lucy and JoJo!
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