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 A Valentine for Lucy(Chapter 8)

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PostSubject: A Valentine for Lucy(Chapter 8)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:17 am

~Chapter 8~
Valentine's day brings out the softer side of the boys. Enjoy!

Kite: And when I said, "So, babe, do you wanna be my Valentine?" She
honest-to-goodness turned and walked away! Can you believe it?
Jo Jo: Mmhm. Yeah, that's terrible.

No, J! I mean it! Eleanor seems to actually have no interest. None! You
know, i've never been rejected in my life. Never! I used to have
dancers and acrobats hanging off my every word! Is Mister K off his
game? J, do you think-

Jo Jo: LOOK, Kite, I'm sorry but I'm kind of trying to finish this alright?
Kite: But...hrm.


Lucy: Ellynors hey have you seens the boys around todays?
Eleanor: ...
Jo Jo: ...Lucy?

Jo: Uhm, Lu?...uh...Lucy, hey. I thought, you know, since it's
valentines day and all... that maybe..maybe you'd like this...*mumble*
Lucy: S'amatters, Jo Jo? You feelin's okay?

Jo Jo:...Here, take this, please...ha-happy v-valentines day...
Lucy: Hay thanksies Jo Jo!

Jo Jo: *mumble* ohmani'veneverbeensonervousinmylife *mumble*

Lucy: Elly! Elly look!

Lucy: I hadn'ts any clue that he coulda draws!

Eleanor: ... :3
Lucy: I knowsrite!...wows...

Lucy: ...Jo Jo...

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A Valentine for Lucy(Chapter 8)
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