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 She Won't Talk to Me! (Chapter 7)

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PostSubject: She Won't Talk to Me! (Chapter 7)   Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:13 am

~Chapter 7~
We learn a little more about the stranger who has seemingly moved in. Enjoy!

Kite: I don't understand it.
Jo Jo: Don't understand what?

Kite: Why won't she talk to me?
Jo Jo: Maybe she can't. She might be mute or something.

Kite: It's not that, it's that she ignores me. Flat on out ignores me. Me!
Jo Jo: How could she ever possible resist the charm of you. Anyways...hey, are you depressed?

Kite: Depressed? The Celebrated Mister K? Never! I am a man of action! I'll go try again.
Jo Jo: Kite, you really should be harassi-...Ah. Forget it.

Jo Jo: It's not you ever listen to sense...

Kite: Hey! Hey sweetheart, how are ya?

Kite: Come on now, don't ignore me like that. I'm a nice guy, honest. I don't mean any harm.

Kite: She lives! Aha! Sorry love, not trying to mess with ya. What's your name? Won't you please tell me? Tell nice ol' Mr K?

Look here, if you's only tell me your name, I promise i'll go away.
Won't bother ya! Showman's honor. Hey now, what's that you've got?
Somethin' for me?

Kite: Well now! Guess i'll have to keep my word! Though I didn't say for how long. Don't miss me too much!

Kite: J! I told you. I've told you so and you didn't believe me!
Jo Jo: What is that? A love letter?
Kite: Better. Take a look.

Jo Jo: Eleanor?
Kite: Name like an angel. Name like a dancer! I bet she dances! Oy, J! Think this means we can put together the circu-
Jo Jo: Kite, you don't know anything about her. You're making things up.
Kite: WELL, wishful thinking never hurt a soul, eh?

Eleanor: ....zzzz....

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She Won't Talk to Me! (Chapter 7)
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